Top 5 Easter Gift Ideas for Your Little Ones

Easter is a blissful event and one that's festive to celebrate. We totally understand that you & your little ones had a tough last year as we all were bound to stay at home and you had very few options for them to make your toddlers happy and excited about special occasions. But thankfully, the rough patch has passed and you can make your kids’ every day joyous and full of fun.

While enjoying Easter this year, the best way to make sure that your little one feels joyous for the holidays is by presenting them on this special Sunday morning with an adorable Easter basket. 

Here are some absolute best Easter Gifts ideas for kids – the ones they’ll really love all year. Our roundup contains everything from bigger-tickets to cute trinkets, splurge-worthy goodies. These 5 nightlights are our top picks which your kids and toddlers will love!


Maker's Moon Lamp

    This beautiful moon lamp can be the cutest ever Easter gift for kids. It brings the enchanting beauty of the moon to embellish their bedroom. It’s a mesmerizing replica of the real moon and uses revolutionary 3D printing technology on PLA plastic material. You can add peace, joy, and tranquility to your kids' life with this Moon lamp.

    Suitable For: Kids from age 3 – 10 years


    Maker's Levitating Moon Lamp

      This levitating, unique, and realistic appearing moon lamp is a dateless symbol often predicating eternity, and wonder. As the moon floats in the sky, you can now avail yourself of the opportunity to visualize the stunning sight near your toddler.

      Suitable For: Kids from age 3 – 10 years


      Maker's Galaxy Projector

        Every human whether he’s an adult or a toddler loves the beauty and tranquility which the outdoor sky brings to all of us. With this Galaxy projector, your kids can experience a similar feel from the coziness of their bedroom. It offers sight which is striking to the eye. You can enhance your room’s look into an awesome view with this Galaxy project – every night!

        Suitable For: Kids from age 2 – 14 years


        Maker's Solar System Planetary Lamp

        If your toddler loves nature or a tech enthusiast, this solar system planetary lamp can be a superb gift option. Your kids will love this solar system set made of PLA material extracted from non-toxic, environmentally friendly, odorless, and hard & smooth corn stalks. The warm and gentle LED lights can enhance your kids’ interest in the huge collection of stars and galaxies.

        Suitable For: Kids aged 3 – 12 years


        Maker's Saturn Lamp

        Present your little cutie pie with these breathtaking PLA material night lights. The material is completely durable and environmentally friendly and we know its strength. The light of these Saturn Lamp is conveniently dimmable.

        Suitable For: Kids aged 3 – 12 years

        These charming gift ideas don’t require you to spend a ton on materials, but they’ll completely wow your toddler and make this Easter one to remember.