Maker's Dragon Lamps™️
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Maker's Dragon Lamps™️

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Yes - we know! Dragon's are mythical, but our Maker's Dragon Lamp™️ may force you into thinking otherwise! Our lamp is delicately and thoroughly made with 3D printing technology; Providing a realistic dragon appearance to your room! When you switch the light on, you're bound to teleport in a new dimension visualising a dragon scene; It's the flawless decoration lamp for all rooms of the home!

It's the perfect lamp for all of your dragon admirers, or even you individuals who want to enhance your room into something more striking. A flying dragon, it's firing breath and the hot lava beneath; The perfect tribrid.

THE FLAMING FEATURES: ( It's not an ordinary lamp ) !

  • Unique Dragon Design - It's the lamp which transforms something mythical to something real! 
  • Safe, Durable & Unique - The Maker's Dragon Lamp is formulated like no other! It's designed in a PLA material, a new type of degradable material. The material is non-toxic and harmless to the human body!
  • Delicate Light - Our Maker's Dragon Lamp emits a warm and non-flickering light; Helps soothe you and your kids' mood to have a well deserved rest.
  • USB Rechargeable - Our lamp is easily refueled using an USB. The lamp can be recharged in 2-3 hours, and is sustainable for 8-10 hours.

Are dragons mythical or genuine? You make your guess. Our Maker's Dragon Lamp is massively versatile, and is suitable for your babies room, your office, bedroom, outdoor activities etc.