Astronaut Moon Lamp
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Astronaut Moon Lamp




The job of an Astronaut heavily fascinated all of us when we were younger children (you'll be lying if you said otherwise)  - Being able to spend your time in a rapid spaceship, visit the outer atmosphere, and see the stars from a different perspective; That's truly spectacular! What if we told you, you can experience a similar feeling from the comfort of you room?

Well, that's the case! Our Astronaut Moon Lamp emits a vivid colour, and completely enhances the atmosphere of your room! Just simply switch the button at the button, and embrace yourself for the pure magic! Your dreams of an Astronaut can be made true!

Transform your room into something more galaxy-y, something more magical!




🌓Magical Design - Our Moon Lamp features a very unique design; An Astronaut holding the golden moon. Travel to the moon!

🌓Battery Powered - The Moon Lamp cannot be recharged; You're required to use button batteries to power.

🌓Painless Switch ON / OFF - Simply control the Moon Lamp with the switch at the bottom!

🌓Durable & High Voltage - Don't worry about losing your galaxy blues! Our Moon Lamp is delicately designed using a durable resin material; Allowing for long-service use. High voltage of 5V too!

** please note that each lamp is equipped with 3 button batteries, and batteries are installed at the bottom **

Your childhood dreams are magically made possible! Travel to the moon, and turn your room into something spectacular and magical! (something which Neil Armstrong would approve of )