Maker's Galaxy Projector™️ V3 | WIFI Enabled
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Maker's Galaxy Projector™️ V3 | WIFI Enabled

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Yes - it's possible. We are all aware of the tranquility and beauty which the outdoor sky brings to us, but you're now able to experience a similar feel from the comfort of your bedroom. The Maker's Galaxy Projector™️ V3 produces a sight which is mesmerizing to the eye. It enhances an ordinary room into a breathtaking view - every night!

We have picked up the stars for you ( the most spectacular stars from our galaxy ) , and put them into a holographic creation. You're able to choose from 6 vigorous colours, and enhance the feel, according to your current mood. All colours are soothing, and can help make your kids fall asleep quicker!

We forgot to mention? You're in power to enhance the feel of your room in the power of your hands. This new generation projector is controlled by WIFI! 


Are you getting bored of mediocre and plain looking decor concepts? This is where the beauty of The Maker's Galaxy Projector™️ comes in beautifully. At the convenience of your mobile phone, you're able to transform a mediocre looking ceiling into something which appears abnormal to be present. Soothing, stress relieving and indulging.


You're able to control the room from the power of your smartphone. The V3 is WIFI enabled, and allows you to choose from 6 vivid colours, and choose the colour which is specific to your mood. Control from your mobile phone, choose a vigorous colour, and sit back and indulge. The Galaxy Projector also has intelligent control; Meaning you can use smart speakers such as Amazon Echo, Google Assistant to activate voice control.


Yes - you're able to indulge and soothe for hours to come. When Our Galaxy Projector™️ is fully charged, it can be used for 4-5 hours. That means 4-5 hours of vigorous lights transforming the entire feel of your room! The holographic creation is also easily charged using an USB! 


What's the need to stress about finalising on a gift for your special one? Everyone always wants to transform their room into something larger, something more enchanted, right? Our Galaxy Projector is the unique gift for any individual of any age. Wrap them up our V3 Galaxy Projector, and gift them an alluring surprise which they weren't experiencing in a million years.